How to Keep the Roof Over Your Head in Good Condition

For any homeowner, it's vital to maintain the roof in order to keep up the home's value and ensure its safety. But if you're new to ownership, how do you know what to look for? Here are 7 things to keep in mind when examining your roof.

  1. Inspect your roof at least twice per year. Winter is usually the hardest time of year for a roof, so examine its condition in late fall and again in early spring. Make a visual inspection again after major storms in any season, looking for damage from winds, rain, freezing, debris, and other hazards.

  2. Clean the gutters first so you can see any damage hidden by leaves and dirt. Use a hand trowel to break up clumped debris, collecting it in buckets for removal. A garden hose can wash out the remaining dirt. While you're up on the ladder, you can look for cracks or breaks in the gutter and the lower roof.

  3. Look for damage by animals and insects. Specifically, keep an eye out for signs of nesting and frequent tracks by squirrels, birds, raccoons and other small creatures. These can damage sections of the roof and cause rot or mold. Similarly, termites or carpenter ants can be a hazard to wood beams and decking. Check for sawdust, soft spots in the roof or shredded areas.

  4. Remove debris and overhanging branches. While overhanging branches may not be a current problem, they can easily cause trouble in the near future. One good storm can cause a nearby tree to topple or low branches to fall. Get rid of them before they have the chance to damage anything. Similarly, debris can build up and cause ice dams in the winter or cover up other damage all year long.

  5. Pay particular attention to flashing, which is designed to protect joints and holes. Those are places that can easily fail. Test the sealant to ensure it's not dried out or cracked. Look for holes or punctures and make sure the flashing itself is still sound.

  6. Finally, go inside and inspect the attic. Looking for trouble from the inside is another way to catch problems. Check walls and ceilings for stains or signs of leakage, particularly around windows and chimneys. As with the outside, test for soft spots or signs of animal damage.

  7. Once you've completed your assessment, it's important not  to ignore damage that appears insignificant at the moment. Resolving minor problems like damaged flashing, missing shingles or insect infestations will be easiest and cheapest if done early. Waiting will not only risk your roof but possibly also the walls and interior of your home. Work with a qualified roofing contractor to keep up the maintenance and repairs while they're less troublesome. 

Once you've inspected your roof once or twice, it will be easier to spot differences and changes. Keeping a watchful eye on this valuable asset and knowing when to call a professional like Angle Ridge Remodeling before damage becomes severe will save you time and money later on.   

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