Harsh Winter Weather Creates Slow Building Damage To A Roof

Not all weather damage inflicted in an area going through a storm is massive. Harsh weather is known to cause small, seemingly minute fractures. The damage might not present too much cause for alarm at first, but problems can and do grow. Tiny holes created by very cold winter weather have to be patched up or else a roof is going to start leaking. Once the roof is leaking, the risk of even more serious damage arises.    

Ice Expansion and the Road to Damage

When a rooftop is covered with snow, the snow eventually begins to melt under the heat of the sun. Moisture could seep underneath shingles or into the holes nails have been driven into. If the temperature once again drops below freezing before the moisture has dried out, ice forms in the holes and beneath the shingles. This causes the shingles to come loose and the nail holes to become larger. When this process repeats over time, the wooden structure that comprises the roof is exposed to water damage.

The most obvious sign is a small leak dripping from the ceiling. Due to the seemingly minor size of the leak, a homeowner may choose to ignore the problem or delay having repair work done. Such a decision would not be the right one at all.

Warped Wood and Expanded Leaking

As a result, the wood runs the risk of ending up extremely warped. Warped wood changes shape. The shape changing could pull out several nails connecting the shingles to the wood nails. Now, even more gaps are present on the roof. Eventually, the gaps are going to contribute to even more massive leaks when the next rain storm arrives.

The Impact on the Ceiling

Water damage is likely to lead to pieces of the ceiling falling apart and insulation soak up a lot of water. The soaked insulation ends up being too heavy for a ceiling made of, say, plaster to hold. Eventually, the insulation falls through the ceiling creating a massive hole. Furthermore, water hitting the floor causes further devastation. Now, in addition to needing roof repair work done, interior fixes must be done.

Check Out the Roof

After a particularly rough winter, look for signs of damage. Shingles falling off the roof, no matter how few, are a red flag. Stains or bubbles on the ceiling also reflect warning signs. If anything appears out of the ordinary, call a roof repair service (such as Greenbrier Roofing) to perform an inspection.  

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