Cooling A Metal Roof With A White Elastomeric Coat

If your building dons a metal rooftop, and you are interesting in cutting the costs of air conditioning during summer months, you may wish to consider adding a protective coating to help reflect harmful ultra-violet rays. One way small business owners can alleviate cooling costs is by adding a white elastomeric coat. This material will not only allow your rooftop to reflect sunlight, but it will also add a layer of protection that will safeguard your building against leaking. Here are some instructions to use when adding this trending roof coating yourself.

Cleaning Your Roof

Before you start to apply a roof coating, you will want to thoroughly clean the surface so the coating material will adhere properly. Clean the roof using a mixture of water and a mild detergent or simply use a metal rooftop cleaner. Dip a soft-bristled broom into the solution and brush it over your metal roof. If you see spots with caked on grime, use a scrub brush and clean the area by hand. Clean one section of your rooftop at a time and use a garden hose or pressure washer to rinse the soapy water away. Move to another section and repeat, allowing previous sections to dry while you move on to another area.

Preparing The Seams

Before you add an elastomeric coating to a metal roof, you will want to fill in any seams so the coating dries as a complete barrier over the area. If you fail to fill in seams, you will not have the benefit of a waterproof topping as it is possible for water to get in between metal panels. Use roof crack and joint sealant to fill in these areas. Simply apply a line of the material over the seam and spread it evenly over the gap using a putty knife. Allow to dry before applying your coating.

Applying The Coating

To apply the roof coating, use a paintbrush, roller, or sprayer. The material is much like the consistency of paint when wet. When it dries, it will expand a bit, protecting the metal underneath. Pour your elastomeric coating in a paint tray to bring on top of the roof with you, as the buckets they are sold in are rather heavy. Have a friend handy to refill the tray for you when needed. Apply a thicker coating over areas where you may have noticed ponding in the past. For durability and optimal performance, add a second coating.

For further assistance, contact local professional roofers, such as those from Surface Shield Protective Coatings.

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