3 Reasons To Choose A Slate Roof

Slate roofing is a fantastic option if you are considering replacing your old or damaged roof, mostly because this type of material can provide a range of benefits that other roofing materials cannot compete with. You should consider a slate roof because it will last a lifetime, is fire-resistant, and it is very durable.

Last A Lifetime

One of the most compelling reasons to consider having a roofer provide you with a slate roof is because most types of slate are going to last for an extremely long amount of time. There are very few roofing materials out there that will last as long as slate, with some materials needing to be replaced in as little as 20-25 years. However, a typical hard slate roof can last between 75 and 200 years.

This extremely long lifespan means that the roof is likely going to be around much longer than you are going to be living in that house. This is a fantastic benefit for you because it means that you will probably not have to worry about ever having to replace that roof again.


Another major reason to consider a slate roof is if you live in a very dry part of the country. The reason that slate is ideal for those areas if because the material is fire-resistant, which is useful if a wildfire breaks out in your area. The fire resistance of slate can make your home more likely to survive a fire because fires tend to spread to new structures when embers or sparks make the jump from a nearby home or tree that is already on fire to your roof. 

Very Durable

Finally, slate should be considered if you want a roof that can withstand many of the issues that can cause many other roofing materials to become degraded or damaged. For example, a slate roof is not going to be susceptible to damage from termites and other pests as they are not able to bore into the surface of the slate tiles. In addition, moisture is not going to be an issue with slate as it is not going to rot or rust as a result of rain or snow.

Speak to a roofing contractor, like those at Freedom Roofing, today in order to discuss how having a slate roof would benefit you. A slate roof is a great choice for anyone who wants a roof that will last as long as possible due to its durability and inherent longevity. In addition, this option can also help to reduce the risk to your home in the event of a fire because of slate's fire resistance.

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