Four Reasons A White Roof Is Better Than A Black One

Have you ever stopped to consider the color of your roof? If the answer is no, then your roof is probably black (or some other dark color), and you need to stop and think about why that is. Why, when light-colored roofing is so far superior in any climate that gets warm in the summer, do you happen to have a black roof? Unless you can find some justification for it, you should start planning to install a cooler white roof the next time you have it replaced. Here are four reasons a white roof is superior.

1. It can lower the temperature in the entire city.

Of course, your building's one roof won't eliminate urban heat island effect all by itself, but it is a start. Did you know that a black roof gets up to sixty degrees hotter than a white roof in the summer? After absorbing all this heat, it then proceeds to release it throughout the rest of the day and night, raising the average temperature of your town. With a whole town full of roofs doing this, the temperature can rise in a way that is not only terribly uncomfortable but also disruptive and dangerous to local ecosystems. To do your part for a better ecosystem and more comfortable town, you can start with a white roof.

2. It can lessen the oppressive heat in your house in summer.

Because it absorbs so much less heat, a white roof transmits much less heat to the interior of your building during the summer as well. This means that you won't be relying on your air conditioner to get rid of those sixty extra degrees of heat.

3. It can lessen the strain on your air conditioning system.

An air conditioning system that's expected to perform reasonable cooling is much happier and healthier than one that runs 24/7. Constant running can cause coils to freeze over, which can then cause a reaction that sends refrigerant into the unit's compressor, causing compressor failure. That's just one of the many bad things that can happen when you expect too much of the unit. In addition, allowing the unit to rest for part of the day can decrease your energy bill by quite a lot.

4. It can lessen greenhouse gases and energy use.

There are a lot of different ways in which a white roof can prevent greenhouse gases from forming. Some are more direct, others are less direct. They include:

  • Reducing roof manufacturing and transportation costs (white roofs last longer)
  • Reducing energy usage from your AC unit
  • Reducing AC unit manufacturing and transportation costs (by allowing units to last longer)
  • Reducing urban heat island effect

With all these superiorities, you can see why it's a good idea to make a foray into the world of cool roofing the next time you have reason to replace a roof. Remember to recycle your old roofing material for maximum environmental benefit! For more information, contact companies like A-J Roofing & Waterproofing Co.

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