Taking A Look At Big Problems Wrongly Blamed On Faulty Roofing Materials

With the first sign of water or moisture makings its way into your home from overhead, if you are like the majority of homeowners, the first thing that you will suspect is that you have issues with your roof. However, when it comes to moisture making its way in the house, what you think may be the problem may not always be the case. Here are a few likely culprits you should check out when you have something that looks like a water leak caused by a bad roof.

Ice Buildup in the Roof - If your roof has valleys and areas where snow will settle and stay situated after it falls, you could easily start to see problems with ice build-up on the roof, which is also sometimes called ice damming. Ice dams are created when the heat from the upper floor or attic of the house is transferred through the roof, causing fallen snow to melt and then quickly refreeze. Unfortunately, the excess weight can cause a lot of damage, but even in early stages the excess moisture can cause a leak. While you may not have much of a choice about snow falling on your roof, it is a good idea to invest in a roof rake to pull it down when it starts to heavily accumulate.

Condensation Problems in the Attic - In a lot of cases, moisture that a homeowner spots on their ceiling does not come from outside at all, but rather inside in the attic. Attic spaces are commonly not heated or cooled, as they are only used for storage. Unfortunately, this means that the clash of hot temperatures in the attic with the cool temperatures in the main living space during the summer, or vice versa, can cause issues with condensation. This can show up as water spots on the ceilings or even slight drips from the door frames. To resolve this problem, it can be as simple as installing an adequate ventilation system in the attic.

Even though roofing materials can and do have problems from time to time, in a lot of cases leaks are completely relative to something other than the roof itself. If you are having water and moisture issues from overhead that you cannot track down on your own, be sure to talk to a roofer such as Affordable Roofing & Gutters who can help you properly diagnose the problem.

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