Why Foam Roofing Makes Sense

In your quest to make your home more energy efficient, you need to consider upgrading your roof. If your roof shows signs of degrading, you do not have to have it reshingled. You can choose a better, more energy efficient material: spray foam roofing.

The Foam

Spray foam roofing is polyurethane that is sprayed directly on your roof. When it is applied with a liquid chemical, the substance grows twenty to thirty times in volume, providing a thick surface that provides superior insulation to your home. Once the foam dries, various sealers are applied to protect the roof from the elements. Finally, a reflective coating can be added to make the roof cooler in the summertime. This roofing material offers you many advantages. 

No Flashing

Foam roofing is seamless. Traditional roofs use flashing, metal pieces that are placed in the spots where roofing material meets chimneys, vents, or windows to prevent water from penetrating the joint. Even with care, these spots are vulnerable to the weather. Spray foam roofs eliminate the need for flashing because they mold up to and around any other surface, eliminating the gaps that flashing is used to cover. 


Spray foam roofs are nearly impervious to water. Closed cell polyurethane foam is an air barrier, which keeps water condensation outside of your home. If the roof's protective coating is damaged, the underlying foam will still serve to keep water from leaking into your building. If an area of your roof is so damaged that water gets all the way through, it will be limited to the point of damage and not spread out over a large area. Foam roofing can also easily "build up" a low area on your roof to keep water from "ponding" and ultimately leaking into your home. 

Environmentally Sound

Foam roofs are kind to the environment. Petroleum is used to make polyurethane foam, but once it is installed, the roof does not give off toxic gasses. Since the foam can be applied to the existing roof after some prep work is done, you do not have to take the old roofing materials to the landfill. Because of it's superior insulating and sun-reflecting abilities, your new roof will lower your energy consumption. 

When you need to reroof your home, inquire about the advantages of a spray foam roof. This option is attractive, lightweight, and water resistant. You will burn less energy, and the installation is simple. So forget shingles and try energy efficient roofing instead. 

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