Two Ways To Eliminate Roofing Avalanche Dangers

Each year, the Farmer's Almanac releases a prediction for the weather to be expected each season. This year's winter predictions include weather much like last year. The 2015-2016 winter season will consist of snow, ice and frigid temperatures mixed with bouts of warmer weather. Basically, this winter will be just like the others – snow, ice, and cold.   

If your area was dumped on with snow last year, you should probably expect it to happen again this year. All of that snow can be dangerous as it builds up on the roof of your home. Do you worry about roofing avalanches? Roofing avalanches are dangerous for you, your family and anyone passing by your home. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to protect anyone passing by your home from the injuries that can be sustained when hundreds of pounds of snow slides off of the roof of your home.

Install Roofing Snow-Guards

Roofing snow-guards are a permanent fix for roofing avalanches. The snow-guards are simply small tabs that are installed on your roof to keep the snow from sliding off of the roof in big clumps.

Prior to the installation of the snow-guards, your roofing contractor will complete a full inspection of the roof. He or she will make sure that your roof can withstand the weight of the snow resting on your roof and create a plan for installing the guards.

During the planning process, the contractor will determine if your roofing will do best with angled or flat snow-guards. Once that is determined, the position of each guard will be planned out. These guards are staggered to keep too much snow from accumulating on the roof while supporting the snow that could cause a problem if it all came sliding off of the roof at once.

Use a Roof Rake

Roof rakes can easily be used to remove the snow from your roof before it reaches dangerous depths. To increase safety, invest in a roof rake that is shaped like a box with a long plastic slide attached to it. The box is pushed through the snow and the snow slides down the plastic safely to the ground below. Do this when the snow begins to accumulate to prevent it from sliding off of the roof at once or causing stress on the structure because of the excessive weight.

Talk with a local roofing contractor (such as Gulfside Roofing Inc) to find the best method to protect yourself, your family and anyone passing by your home from the dangers of roofing avalanches this winter.

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