3 Advantages Of Foam Roof Coatings

Choosing a roofing material before beginning a building project is one of the most important choices you can make, and one that will have lasting effects decades into the future. Though most people think of wood, metal and tile when they consider roofing materials, one of the most dependable and affordable options is actually spray polyurethane foam. In fact, foam roof coatings have a number of advantages over traditional roofing materials -- keep reading to discover just three of them.

No Seams

When it comes to seams in a roof, less is more. Over time, seams in traditional roofing materials (or even more recently developed materials such as PVC) can expand and become a major source of leaks. But this isn't a problem with foam roof coatings. That's because the foam is actually sprayed on in the form of a liquid, which in turn means that instead of carefully fitting together several pieces of roofing and having to trust that the seams and joints hold up indefinitely, you can spray on a single membrane that is completely seamless.

Fewer Obstacles During Installation 

Not all roofs are flat, which means that not all roofing materials may be suited to your particular project. But you can rest assured that foam coating can be applied just fine, whatever the slope of your roof or any irregularly shaped objects that might be on top of it. This means that installation is significantly quicker and less expensive. So if you're looking to save time and money -- or maybe are just in need of an ultra-flexible solution for a unique roof -- spray polyurethane foam has you covered.

Better Insulation

In addition to easy, seamless installation, there are a number of pragmatic long-term benefits that builders can take advantage of if they use spray polyurethane foam. One of the most notable is the degree of insulation that a foam coating provides, which is far greater than traditional roofing materials. What this means in the long term is significant savings on cooling bills and a lessened impact on the environment. In fact, it's entirely possible for a foam roof coating to pay for itself within the first few years of installation. Heavy duty insulation also means greater protection from moisture damage, which is one of the main reasons for major repairs of traditional roofing materials. If you can proactively prevent these repairs with a foam coating, it will represent a huge increase in savings down the road.

If your interested in learning more about foam roof coatings for your commercial roofing needs, consider contacting a specialist, such as Dodge Foam & Coatings Inc.

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