Three Tips For Quickly Identifying Problems With A Heat Reflective Flat Roof Coat Of Paint

If you're concerned about how much you're paying to keep your business air conditioned, applying a white elastomeric coat of paint to your flat roof is a good idea. As the paint will reflect so much more sunlight away from your roof than whatever it covers, your business' rooms will naturally stay at a lower temperature than normal. To quickly identify problems with a heat reflective coat of paint on your flat roof before they become insurmountable, follow these three tips.

Periodically Give The Coat A Close Inspection For Cracks

While cracks can certainly let a large amount of water further into your roof, they don't directly impact the coat's capacity to reflect light. However, over time, as more water and debris gets under the paint and gradually eats it away, large chunks of the coating will start chipping off. Once the wind drives these chunks off your roof, your business will become much less energy efficient.

It's important to locate any cracks that form in the paint as soon as possible so that you can get a professional to apply replacement paint before the damage spreads. So every couple of months, scale your roof on a sunny day and put your face near the paint to make it easier to see any abnormalities.

Watch For Any Discoloration In The Paint Around Your Roof's Fixtures

Whether the bulk of your roof is made out of asphalt or metal sheets, it's relatively easy for the heat reflective paint coat to stick to it. But because it has to stick to a sharp angle instead of a flat surface, the paint around your roof's fixtures (such as HVAC vents) has a hard time creating a watertight seal. Once enough water gets into the paint, discoloration and reduced energy efficiency will soon follow.

When you see this discoloration, strive to fix the problem as soon as possible so that the water doesn't spread any farther than necessary. Fixing the problem will involve both replacing the defective sections of paint and putting a rubber mat around the base of the offending fixture so that replacement paint doesn't have to deal with as sharp of an angle.

Vacuum The Coating To Rid It Of Dirt Particles

Any dirt that gets onto your roof through the wind or through an unrelated project will dampen the brightness of the paint, reducing the amount of sunlight that's reflected. So every once in awhile, it's useful to spend a few minutes scaling your roof and using a vacuum on any particularly dirty surfaces.

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