4 Things You Should Know About Cedar Roofs

Although cedar roofs are relatively expensive, they are some of the most beautiful roofs available. If you are considering cedar shakes or shingles for your roof, then you should know these four things about the material first:

Cedar Roofs Come In Different Types

People talk about cedar as if it's one tree, but the term refers to multiple coniferous trees with stiff needles and large seed corn. It's just that in the U.S., Red cedar is one of the oldest and most common types of cedars used in roofing. This is probably because of its straight grains that many people consider aesthetically appealing. Red cedar also has high resistance to harsh weather elements. However, there is also white cedar with non-uniform grains but is less expensive than red cedar. Thus, specify which cedar you want when asking for a cedar roof quote or properties.

The Wood Natural Bug Repellent

Many people think that wood roofing products aren't durable because the wood can easily be attacked by bugs, but the risk is only high with untreated wood. With cedar roofs, you don't have to worry too much about bugs because cedar oil (present in the wood) is a natural bug repellent. Even rodents don't like living in cedar roofs due to this oil. So this is one less thing you will worry about when you install a cedar roof.

The Shakes/Shingles Are Treated With Fire Retardants

Do you worry that having a cedar roof increase the risk of fire? Such a worry is understandable given that wood burns easily. Fortunately, the cedar shakes or shingles are treated to make them fire retardant.

They Require Heavy Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is necessary to get a long life out of your cedar roof. Here are some of the essential maintenance measures:

  • Clean your cedar roof regularly so that the wood can remain dry and breathe properly.
  • Reduce shade to encourage the roof to dry.
  • Replace missing shakes to reduce UV-related deterioration.

The Wood Needs To Breathe

Another thing to note is that cedar roofs need to breathe if they are to maintain their integrity. Proper ventilation helps the shakes or shingles to dry properly. Without proper ventilation, the wood retains moisture and begins to curl up, which interferes with the integrity of the roof. Moisture retention also encourages fungus infestation, which also damages the roof. The need for an additional breathing material (underlayment) adds to the already expensive cost of installing a cedar roof.

These are some of the things you should know before installing a cedar roof. Contact a roofing contractor like Ranger Roofing for other specific questions you may have about this roofing material.

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