Three Solutions To Add Energy Efficiency To The Roofs Of Commercial Businesses

If you have a commercial building, energy efficient improvements can help lower your operation costs. Many of these improvements can start with the roof of your business, and can include things like foam roofing, light-colored membranes and even integrated solar panels. If you want to have a more energy efficient commercial roof, here are some tips to help make your building more energy efficient: 

1. Adding More Insulation With Foam Roofing

Foam roofing can be a great solution for improving the energy efficiency of commercial roofs. Layers of foam can be applied to a roof before a roofing membrane or sealant is applied. This can help to reduce energy loss. Foam roofing can be a great solution in areas with cold weather, or for buildings that have refrigeration systems that need additional insulation. You may want to consider using a thicker foam for your roof if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building.

2. Light Colored Membrane To Reduce Heat Gain

Light colored roofing membranes can be another great solution to improve the energy efficiency of your business. These materials can help to reflect sunlight and reduce heat gain. They are a great solution for areas with hot weather and with cooling needs. These are also affordable roofing solutions, which can also include layers of foam insulation beneath them to help improve the energy efficiency of your building. The combination of these roofing systems will help make your business more efficient. If you have light colored roofing, it is important to wear sunglass when doing maintenance because white roofing membranes can cause snow blindness.

3. Integrated Renewable Energy For Commercial Roofing

Renewable energy is another improvement that you may want to consider for your commercial roofing. This can come in the form of solar panels that are integrated into roofing membrane systems. In addition, there are also newer wind turbines with vertical designs. The turbines can be installed in inconspicuous places to help supplement your solar panels. These systems can be installed when you have a new roof installed on your business to help improve energy efficiency and add renewable energy to your business.

These are some tips that can help to make the roof of your business more energy efficient. If you are ready to start improving the roof of your business, contact a commercial roofing contractor (such as one from MM Roofing & Construction Systems Inc) and talk with them about doing some of these improvements for your business.

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