Hiring A Professional Roofer? Make Sure These Three Items Are In Your Contract

Having a new roof put on your house will be a very large task, which is why many homeowners leave this job to the professionals. When you hire your roofing contractor for this kind of job, you must make sure that the contract with them lists everything you plan on having done. Verify that these three things are in your roofing contract before they get started.

List of All Materials

The most important aspect of a roof installation will be the materials that are used. With so many different options that are available, you most likely did research when you selected the best material for your house. If not, you may have left this decision at the discretion of your professional roofing contractor. No matter how you reached your final decision, these materials should be listed in your roofing contract.

Once the material list is in writing, it will hold your roofing contractor accountable for getting the exact materials you paid for. Make sure the material list in your contract includes manufacturer information and model numbers to avoid potential confusion. This should match up with any warranty you receive with the roofing material.

Documentation of Insurance

You should require that any roofing contractor doing work on your house has liability insurance to cover those working on your roof. Don't simply take the contractor's word that they have liability insurance, since there's always documentation of the policy. Request that a physical copy of their liability insurance policy is attached to the contract before work begins. This policy is what protects you from any financial responsibilities if a work injury occurs anywhere on your property.

Know that any sub-contractor that works with your roofing contractor is not covered by their liability insurance. Every sub-contractor most provide proof of having their own insurance.

Method of Waste Disposal

You will be surprised at how much waste comes with replacing a roof, and it all will have to be properly disposed of. The procedures of getting rid of the waste materials need to be documented within your contract. Pay attention to details such as when the dumpster will be delivered, where it is placed on your property, and how frequently it is emptied during the project. All charges for waste disposal should be stated in the contract as well.  

Now that you are aware of these three things, it will help make sure that your roof installation goes smoothly. Contact local professionals, such as those from Cloise & Mike Construction Inc, for further assistance.

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