Need New Siding? What To Know

If you have old wood paneling on the home and you want to update the property by getting new siding, there are some important things for you to talk with your siding contractor about. Since you are taking the old siding off the home, you are in a good position to make changes and updates that will protect your home in the future. 

While you are pricing out the different siding material options that interest you, you'll want to ask the contractor about these possibilities for the project.

Sealant Barrier for Moisture

Make sure any company that is installing new insulation plans on installing a new wrap or seal around the home. This is going to stop air leaks, help prevent moisture from doing damage to the home, and protect the structural components of the property. This is a building code requirement, so the cost will be required for the project.

New Insulation

Since the siding will be off the property, it's a great time to install new insulation around the property. Spray foam that is made of polyurethane is an ideal choice. This insulation will expand throughout the exterior walls of the home, to improve energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling bills. The foam also makes the house quieter and protects the walls from water and insects and rodents.

Fiber Cement Siding             

Fiber cement siding is material increasing in popularity, and a very durable and reliable option for your home. The siding is robust and gets the top fire safety rating available, and you can have it painted any color that you wish. Since the siding is composed of cement, pests can't burrow their way in and won't eat the siding. There are unique designs to look like wood paneling or wood shakes, so you can get a modern or vintage look on your home.

Choosing to update the property, protecting the house from potential water damage and other problems, and choosing a high-quality siding is going to improve the property value. It can also reduce your monthly homeowner's insurance costs since you're choosing a protective material for the home, instead of having a potentially hazardous material on the outside of the property. Talk with a local siding contractor (click here for more information) to find out how much the project is going to cost with these different changes and schedule to have the project completed before your old siding gives way and causes problems. 

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