Questions To Ask Before Hiring Any Roofers

Have you recently purchased a house? Has the roof started to leak and now you're left wondering what to do? Having a new roof installed is a hassle that no new homeowner should have to face. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary. In order to make sure that you've got the right roofing contractors, here are some questions to ask before hiring anyone to do the job:

Will you remove all the old shingles? If you simply hire the first person who claims to be a roofing professional and you don't check out their credentials, you could wind up hiring an amateur instead of a professional. Since anyone is able to put an ad online or in the paper, you'll need to check to make sure that the person or people that you hire are who they say they are. A true roof installation professional is more likely to pull off all of the old shingles before they add the new ones to your roof. Doing this will allow them to more easily check your roof for soft spots and potential future issues, saving you money in the long run. 

Will you add new flashing or do you plan on reusing the old flashing? Your roof flashing is comprised of flat strips of metal that add an extra layer of protection around peaks, valleys, and other roof features. Some roof installation professionals will offer to reuse the flashing, to save the homeowner a little bit of money on his or her bill. However, you really should have the flashing changed every time the roof is changed. You don't know how old the flashing is and it could have been reused before. this would make it more likely to corrode or otherwise fail before the next roof installation. Even if the flashing is relatively new, there's no guarantee that the roofers will nail it down using the exact same holes. Even a small difference in nail placement can allow water to seep in beneath the flashing, creating leaks in your roof.

Are you licensed and bonded? Not every state requires roof installation professionals to be licensed, bonded, or insured. But, should there be an incident during the installation, you should want to know that everything will be covered. If one of the roofers should happen to slip and fall off of your roof, you don't want them trying to file a claim against your homeowner's insurance. Even if the incident isn't your fault at all, your insurance company could decide to raise your premium in response to the incident.

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