Spray Roofing Is A Simple Solution To Refurbish And Protect Your Flat Roof

Think spray-style roofing material is new? Think again; spray roofing materials have been around for decades, and are usually seen on flat roofs, such as in commercial buildings and factories. This spray is typically made from polyurethane, which makes it weather-resistant and water-repellent, two features that you want for your commercial building.

Some other features of spray roofing are:

Easy to apply. Spray roofing is very lightweight as opposed to other types of roofing materials, which makes it much easier and less expensive to apply. Since you have control over the spray, it is far easier to cover tough-to-reach areas, such as under eaves, around flashing, and in corners of your roof.

Flexible and versatile. It is much quicker to roof your building when you can spray over protrusions and around irregular shaped areas with the spray-roofing material. The seamless-style of spray roofing makes for no cracks or spaces that typically can let water in and cause moisture damage over time. The spray material is a liquid that forms a membrane, which covers and protects your flat roof.

Energy efficient. Another advantage of spray roofing is that it also provides excellent insulation for your entire building, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler during summer. This can have a significant impact on your monthly utility costs, which makes it not just energy efficient but cost-effective, too!

Little maintenance. There is little maintenance involved with these types of roofs, which is another reason for the popularity of spray roofing material. Simply pressure-wash the roof from time to time, and inspect for signs that the roofing membrane has been pierced or punctured. This will help you identify problems before it can perpetuate any property damage.

Longevity. Spray roofing can last a lifetime, as the material forms a barrier that doesn't allow for air or moisture to get in. If the roofing material becomes damaged, pierced, or penetrated, it contains the moisture to a small area, which makes repairs easier and less pricey. This makes it a very cost-efficient option for commercial buildings, businesses, and even homeowners that don't want to face the expense of repairing water damage later on.

If you are looking at roofing options for your business, factory, or home, consider the many benefits of spray roofing material. While this may seem like a new concept in roofing, it has actually been around for years and provides consumers with an alternative to time-consuming and costly roofing. Talk with a roofing company like Empire Roofing for more information.

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