3 Victorian House Styles Well-Suited For Wooden Shakes Or Shingles

The words "Victorian home" might bring to mind a large, stately home with an asymmetrical shape and a dramatic mansard roof. But Victorians come in a variety of shapes and styles that can make it difficult to pin down the best roofing material for your particular house style. There are three types of Victorians, in particular, that are well-suited to wooden roofing material like shakes or shingles.

What are the Victorian homes that pair well with wood roofing – and why should you discuss this material with your roofing installation contractors? Here's what to keep in mind.

Eastlake Victorian

Eastlake Victorian homes feature slight nods to the asymmetry common of Victorian homes but keeps things simple in terms of turrets and spindles. The main ornamentation on an Eastlake Victorian can be found in the detailed decorative wood trim that lines the eaves, windows, and other points of interest on the home.

Using wood roofing on an Eastlake Victorian can highlight the wooden ornamentation that makes this house style so distinct. The Eastlake Victorian traditionally has gable-shaped roofs, which have two simple sides that slope steeply up to the peak. Wood roofing suits this roof shape well due to the material having a light enough weight for the roof's minimal bracing.

Stick with the smoother wood shingles for an Eastlake rather than the thicker, more rustic wooden shake roofing. The shingles will enhance the woodwork without detracting from the detailing, and the shingles still have enough texture to enhance the roof shape.

Folk Victorian

Folk Victorian houses have a symmetrical, basic structure that resembles a farmhouse accented with Victorian-appropriate wooden trim and ornamentation. The simplicity of the style and the wooden ornamentation both pair well with the wood roofing materials as does the typically gable or cross-gable roofs.

Unlike the Eastman, the Folk Victorian can use some additional visual focuses so shakes can work better here than the smoother shingles. The shakes will add a rustic touch that will nod towards the farmhouse base of the Folk Victorian, but the wood will still enhance any ornamentation.

Stick Style Victorian

Stick Style Victorians stand between the ornamental, asymmetric Eastlake and the more basic Folk style. The Stick Style has the more basic structure like the Folk but bolder ornamentation like the Eastlake. The Stick Style's defining ornamentation comes via large stick-like timber beams used to accent the lines of the home and the siding.

The wooden accents on the Stick Style home tend to be darker in color to offset the lighter siding. You can go with either shake or shingle wooden roofing in a stain color that matches the timber. The roof will tie the color scheme together without making the house look monochromatic.  

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