How To Repair Damaged Fascia

The look of your roofline is largely defined by the fascia board. This board provides a visual line for the start of your roof. If the wood gets warped or waterlogged, the line will no longer be straight. This will essentially make your roofline look older than it is. Also, the fascia provides extra support to your soffit. Together, the soffit and fascia support the weight of the gutter system. Basically, the fascia is vital to the style and structural integrity of the roof. The key to good fascia maintenance is to always maintain the waterproof stain finish. Here is how to patch and repaint fascia boards. 

Sanding and Patching the Fascia

First, you need to sand away the existing stain. During the sanding, you will probably find a few spots where the wood is rotted or decaying. This is usually the result of termite or water damage. It is very important that you patch these damaged areas before restaining them. You can use tradition exterior wood patch to fill in the damaged areas. The goal should be to build up the patch so it stick outs further than the wood's flat surface. Then, once it dries you can sand it flat. For all of your sanding, you should use an vibrating power sander. Try to match the smoothness of the undamaged parts of the wood. If you over-sand, the surface can end up too smooth and it will absorb the new stain differently. So, you should try to make the surface equally smooth throughout so the stain is more consistent.

Staining the Fascia

The best way to stain your fascia depends on how wide it is. If your board is less than 6" wide, it is probably best to just stain it with rags. You can dip lint-free rags directly into a stain can and then spread it onto the wood. If you have a wider fascia board, it might be more practical to stain it with a roller. Of course, this only works if you have a ladder that can support a paint tray. Since the fascia is exposed to the rain and sun, you will want to apply at least 2 coats. Multiple stain coats will add more protection to the wood, but they will also make the wood darker.

Protecting and preserving your fascia board is essential if you want your roofline to remain strong and stylish. For assistance, talk to a professional roofer.

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