Caring For Cedar Roof Shakes

If you just had new cedar roof shakes installed on your rooftop, you are most likely enjoying the great appearance they give to your home. Along with the reddish hue and pleasing scent they provide, cedar roof shakes offer ample protection against moisture and suffice as a great insulation barrier. To keep your cedar shakes in the best of condition, simple maintenance steps will need to be taken. Here are some tips you can use to keep your investment looking tip-top and free of damage.

Evaluate The Roof For Damaged Portions

It is important to get up on your rooftop at the end of wintertime to see if there are any damaged cedar shakes in need of repair or replacement. Walk from the end to end of your roof looking for shakes that look as if they are lifting, and hammer them back into place if necessary. Cracked shakes will need to be filled in with caulk so water does not seep through to the interior of the home. Severely damaged cedar shakes should be removed and replaced with new ones. It is best to call a professional to handle this task to ensure the shakes are installed properly.

Clean The Rooftop Often To Avoid Damage

Remove debris from the top of your cedar rooftop as soon as it is noticed. If you leave debris in place, it tends to accumulate moisture underneath. This will lead to the deterioration of the shakes underneath. Use a leaf blower to remove leaves, pine needles, dirt, and other debris from the top of your structure. Pay close attention to the edges of the shakes as smaller debris can become trapped in these areas.

Brighten The Coloring With Pigmentation

Your roof will naturally fade from exposure to the sun. If you have branches hanging over your shakes, it is important to cut them back so some portions of your roof are not darker than others as a result of the shaded areas. Removing them is also important so debris is less likely to fall on your roof.

To brighten a faded cedar rooftop, use a pigment enhancing spray made especially for cedar wood. This can be purchased in a home goods or hardware stores. Apply it directly to the cedar shakes, allow the solution to sit for the allotted time listed on the packaging instructions, and rinse well using a pressure washer. This can be done a few times a year to keep your roof in great looking condition.

For more information and assistance with maintenance, talk with residential or commercial roofing contractors in your area. 

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