Why A Metal Roof Is A Good Choice When You Want To Install Solar Panels

If you plan to add solar panels to your roof and convert to solar power, you'll have to consider the condition of your roof. It will need an inspection to see if it is in good shape or if it needs repairs or replaced first. If the roof is old or damaged, it's best to replace it before the solar panels are installed. While the panels can be installed on tile and asphalt roofs too, metal roofing is ideal for use with solar panels. Here's why you might want to think about getting a new metal roof to support your solar panels.

The Panels Can Attach To The Standing Seams

When solar panels are put on an asphalt roof, they are anchored to the deck. While care is taken to do this properly, the penetrations increase the risk of leaking. When the panels are installed on a metal standing seam roof, no penetrations are needed. The panels clip on the standing seams and anchored securely. This ensures they stay in place during storms, wind, and rain. However, since they don't penetrate the metal, the risk of causing roof leaks is eliminated.

Metal Roofing Has A Long Lifespan

According to Art Construction of NW FL LLC., another thing to consider is how often the roof will need repairs and how long it will last. Metal roofs are durable and have much longer lives than asphalt roofing. This could be important in several years when an asphalt roof is old and in need of replacement. To repair or replace the roof, the solar panels must be removed and then restored, which adds to the cost. A metal roof could outlast the solar panels which reduces the worry of needing roof work done while the panels are in place.

Metal Roofing Is Environmentally Friendly

If you're switching to solar power to benefit the environment as well as improve your lifestyle, then you may appreciate that metal roofing is made from recycled scrap metal and when the roof is removed, it can be recycled and used again. Also, a metal roof helps keep your home cooler in the summer since it reflects the sun, so it may help reduce your power consumption.

Metal is a good roofing material whether you plan to have solar panels put on or not, but they are definitely worth considering when you make the switch to solar power. Talk to your roofing contractor about the advantages of a metal roof over an asphalt roof so you understand all your options before the solar panels are put in place.

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