Installing A New Roof? Types Of Gutters You Can Choose From To Install Along With Your Roof

If you are having a new roof installed, you should also consider installing new gutters. This is especially true if your current gutters are old or not in good condition. To help you, below are three types of gutter systems, and materials used to make gutters.

Types of Gutter Systems

You will first find that gutters come in two different shapes, one being K-style gutters. This type has a flat back and bottom. The front of the gutters generally has some type of decorative shape, such as an ogee or curve. You can also choose K-style gutters that look like crown molding. This is a popular type of gutter system that you will see on many homes.

Another type you will find are gutters that are shaped like half-round tubes. This is why these gutters are referred to as half-round gutters. You will often find this type on historic, older homes.

Materials Used

When you start shopping for gutters, you will find they are made from a wide variety of materials including:


Aluminum is a common type of gutter system used. This is because aluminum is lightweight, which means DIYers can install these gutters on their own if they prefer. Aluminum also does not rust and comes in a variety of colors. You can also paint aluminum if you prefer.

Seamless aluminum

Having no seams in the gutters reduces the chance of the gutters leaking. You should have a professional install the seamless aluminum gutter system for you, however. The roofing contractor will come to your home and make measurements, and then have the gutters cut at a factory. The gutters will then be brought to your home on a truck.


A copper gutter system will not rust, and you never need to paint these gutters. This is because, over time, the beautiful copper color will slowly change as a brown or green film will develop on the surface, making the gutters even more beautiful. You will find copper gutters on high-end or historic homes. They are much more expensive, and you must have a professional install these gutters for you. This is because the joints and seams have to be welded.

The best thing to do is to talk with a gutter installation contractor about this. They can give you many more details and help you choose the best type of gutter system that goes well with your home. 

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